Forest society and colonialism class 9 mcq

Forest society and colonialism class 9 mcq The introduction of railways in forested areas during colonialism primarily aimed to:a) Enhance transportation and tradeb) Protect forests and wildlifec) Promote cultural exchanged) Establish military outpostsAnswer: a) Enhance transportation and trade The process of clearing forests for cultivation is known as:a) Deforestationb) Afforestationc) Conservationd) DesertificationAnswer: a) Deforestation The … Read more

30 chemical coordination and integration mcq

Chemical coordination and integration mcq Which of the following glands is responsible for the production of growth hormone?a) Thyroid glandb) Adrenal glandc) Pituitary glandd) PancreasAnswer: c) Pituitary gland Which hormone is responsible for regulating blood sugar levels in the body?a) Insulinb) Glucagonc) Thyroxined) EstrogenAnswer: a) Insulin Which gland is responsible for the secretion of adrenaline … Read more

Number system class 9 mcq

number system class 9 mcq Which of the following is not a natural number?a) 0b) 1c) 2d) 3Answer: a) 0 Which of the following is a prime number?a) 10b) 15c) 17d) 20Answer: c) 17 Which is the smallest composite number?a) 1b) 2c) 3d) 4Answer: d) 4 Explanation: A composite number is a positive integer greater … Read more

sexual reproduction in flowering plants mcq

sexual reproduction in flowering plants mcq Which part of the flower contains the male reproductive structures?a) Sepalsb) Petalsc) Stigmad) StamenAnswer: d) StamenExplanation: The stamen is the male reproductive organ of a flower, consisting of the anther and filament. What is the process of transfer of pollen grains from an anther to a stigma called?a) Pollinationb) … Read more

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