Series – Odd Man Out mcq

Series – Odd Man Out mcq Which number does not belong to the following series?2 , 5, 8, 11, 14a) 2b) 5c) 8d) 14Answer: d) 14 Find the number that does not fit the pattern.3, 6, 9, 15, 18a) 3b) 6c) 9d) 18Answer: d) 18 Identify the number that does not belong to the series.10, … Read more

Races and Games mcq

Races and Games mcq Runners A and B complete a 100-meter race in 10 and 12 seconds, respectively. What is the difference between their speeds?a) 2 m/sb) 4 m/sc) 8 m/sd) 10 m/sAnswer: a) 2 m/s In a game of chess, how many moves can a knight make from its starting position ?a) 4b) 6c) … Read more

Profit and Loss mcq:Aptidude

Profit and Loss mcq:Aptidude aAn item is sold for $500 at a 20% profit. What is the cost price of the item?a) $400b) $416.67c) $480d) $600Answer: a) $400 A shopkeeper bought a shirt for $40 and sold it for $60. What is the profit percentage?a) 25%b) 33.33%c) 50%d) 66.67%Answer: c) 50% A company sells a … Read more

Probability mcq:Aptitude

Probability mcq:Aptitude What is the probability of rolling a fair six-sided die and getting an even number?a) 1/6b) 1/2c) 1/3d) 2/3Answer: b) 1/2 A bag contains 5 red marbles , 3 blue marbles , and 2 green marbles. What is the probability of drawing a blue marble?a) 1/10b) 1/5c) 3/10d) 1/3Answer: c) 3/10 Two cards … Read more

Partnerships mcq:Aptitude

Partnerships mcq:Aptitude In a partnership, the division of profits among partners is based on:a) Capital contributionb) Number of employeesc) Sales revenued) Seniority of partnersAnswer: a) Capital contribution What type of partnership involves partners with unlimited liability for the partnership’s debts?a) Limited partnershipb) General partnershipc) Limited liability partnershipd) Joint partnershipAnswer: b) General partnership In a limited … Read more

Numbers and ages mcq

Numbers and ages mcq What is the square root of 144?a) 9b) 12c) 16d) 18Answer: b) 12 Which of the following is a prime number?a) 12b) 17c) 24d) 35Answer: b) 17 What is the value of π (pi) rounded to two decimal places?a) 2.71b) 3.14c) 3.50d) 3.75Answer: b) 3.14 What is the sum of the … Read more

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